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Kevin Levrone Shaboom Pump Preworkout

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Gives Explosive Power ,Focus And Maximum Pump & Performance. Fortified with 5000mg of Beta-Alanin to prevent fatigue and keep you energized during workout. Contains 2000mg of L-Arginine that boosts vasodilation and provides pump during workouts. Contains 2000mg of Agmatine Sulphate which improve pump during workout and 400mg of Caffeine to provide energy and mental alertness during intense workouts

Features :-

Insane Energy & Workout Intensifier

5000Mg Beta-Alanine

2000Mg Citrulline Malate

2000Mg Arginine Akg

2000Mg Agmatine Sulfate

400Mg Caffeine


Kevin Levrone

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Fruit Punch, Lemon, Raspberry, Orange


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